Who We Are

How we Coach:

Anything in life is a habit built upon habits; it is important to progress correctly to ensure proper skill development when learning to tumble. Starting from the very basics is vital for the athletes success regardless of the athletes age. We first must understand where our body positions should be and what our bodies should feel like before we begin a complex tumbling or cheer skill. Understanding this will help in understanding that each skill worked on and achieved is building towards a higher level skill. Remembering this throughout an athletes skill progression will provide for a long, successful experience. Here at Define Yourself  we attempt to progress properly, minimizing the need for an athletes career to come to a stand still due to bad habits or injury.

Mental preparation and motivation are often overlooked when training athletes. This can be attributed to the notion that “physical performance” of the athlete is all that matters. However, there are direct physical connections to the mind and body. The mind must be just as prepared as the body, so if we continue to spot an athlete that has a skill it may be because we are trying to get the mind to match the body. Motivation is a top priority for our Define Yourself staff. It is our job at Define Yourself to see what type of learner your athletes are (kinesthetic, auditory, visual, etc.) and then use the appropriate style to help develop skill.



Trust means the athlete and their family has faith in our coaches and assurance that our program will work so they see the worth of putting in the time, money and effort. We believe honesty is the way to earn trust. It may not always be popular but we will always be honest about our athletes ability and progression. Trust that we have your child’s best interest in mind.


Our goal is to get to know how each athlete is wired, how they learn and how they are motivated. From there we will be able to teach in a way that your child understands and enjoys. We praise every skill whether that be a forward roll or a double full.


Performing tumbling and cheer skills correctly is the easiest and safest way to do them. Correct technique looks the best.We believe that proper skill progression builds upon each other; the basics are just as important as the skill itself. Proper technique shouldn’t allow bad habits to creep in.


We train at 3 levels everyday and our athletes know that when we are working basics we are training for high level skills. Strength and flexibility training is vital to the success of our athletes, that is why both are incorporated in every class we offer.

Meet Our Team

Jenna Colburn

Head Coach

Certificates: USASF CERTIFIED LEVELS 1-5, ACCA Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified, Personal Trainer Certified, Bootcamp Trainer Certified, National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Checked

Jenna is the heart and soul of the gym. She pours everything she has into these kids. With 13 years All Star Cheer experience in both Arizona and California, she has the experience and drive to help your young athlethes shine.

Trey Colburn

Operations Manager

Certificates: B.S. in Parks and Recreation, Masters in Counseling, CPR/First Aid Certified , National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Checked

If Jenna is the heart and soul of the gym, Trey is the body. As Operations Manager, Trey overseas everything to keep the gym running smoothly.

Abby Sullivan

Front Office Manager

Certificates: National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Checked

Abby and her family have been supporters of Define Yourself’s efforts since about the third week we opened.  Abby has raised three amazing kids two of which have been athletes at Define Yourself over the past 4 years.  Her youngest is still on our competitive cheer team so she know lots about parent responsibilities in cheer and tumbling.  Her oldest daughter graduated out of cheerleading and is now coaching at Define Yourself.  Abby is an integral part of our team and can answer many if not all questions. Talk to abby look of the one cleaning or checking the kiddos in with an iPad!

Britney Hammel


Certificates: CPR/First Aid

Britney has pushed herself daily to develop a hard work ethic and great understanding of the sport of cheerleading.  Britney has choreographed for local Jr. High School team and is an integral part of our staff.  Britney has a great understanding of both dance and cheerleading and will be working hard to develop both dancers and tumblers at Define Yourself.

Brittany Dominguez


Certificates: National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Cleared, USASF Certified, CPR/First Aid

Brittany hails from Florida origntinaly where she was a competitive cheerleader and coach. Brittany has made the move with her husband to Arizona and is now calling Define Yourself home.  Brittany is a traveling girl as her husbands work calls for it and at times you can find her in Japan! Brittany brings an abundance of knowledge with flying and stunting to Impact Cheer Elite. She is also very passionate about the athletes hearts and wellbeing.

Kate Cole


Certificates: USASF Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified, National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Checked

Has been with Define Yourself since opening in 2013. Kate’s passion of coaching is reflected daily as she continues to progress her abilities and understanding of athletes bodies. Kate’s biggest reward in life is “being able to teach someone to do something they never thought they could do.” Kate hopes anyone who comes into Define Yourself really feels an “at home” feeling, because that’s what we’re all about!

Skylar Sullivan


Certificates: USASF Certified, CPR/First Aid, National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Checked

Skylar has been a coach with us since day one as well as one of our first athletes when we opened in 2013. She has been involved in the cheer world for about 12 years; cheering herself for 10 and coaching for 5. Skylar has a true passion for the sport and for teaching today’s youth. Skylar says, “Nothing in this world compares to seeing a kids face light up when they finally master a skill they have been working so hard to get!” At the gym she goes by Coach Sky and you can recognize her by her use of voice infliction. Coach Sky just had a baby in September of 2017; a little girl named Everlee!

Steven Alexander

Physical Therapist

Dr. Steven Alexander spends his time helping athletes and active adults get back to the sports they love. After becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Alexander spent a lot of time in typical physical therapy clinics where he was expected to see at least three patients an hour, sometimes, multiple people at once. These clients would be seen by Dr. Alexander for 15 minutes and then sent off to do some exercises with physical therapy tech’s who do not have the educational background to take patients through this critical aspect of rehabilitation and recovery. This also led his patients to come to the clinic for a lot longer than they should have to reach their desired goals. He decided he had enough with the “mill-like” physical therapy style and wanted to do better for his patients especially the athletes who require more advanced exercises than typically given in those “mill-like” physical therapy clinics. That is when he opened Spark Performance and Physiotherapy-to help better serve his athletes and active adults. Everyday people in the East Valley seek Dr. Alexander’s expertise for their musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries so that they can get back to their active lifestyle. Dr. Alexander is a local product of the East Valley, attending Mesa High prior to obtaining his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from Arizona State University. He then completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the prestigious Regis University in Denver, Colorado. He is certified in dry needling and spends much of his time researching and attending continuing education courses to further his knowledge and expertise in treating the athlete and active adult.