Competitive Cheer


All-Star Cheerleading has expanded so much throughout the years due to cheerleading encompassing so many other sports, including; gymnastics, acrobats, dance and power tumbling. Cheerleading teams typically consist of 8-36 athletes on one team, with all team members bringing different attributes and skills, which makes the team successful. This is a season long commitment which encompasses a 2.5 minute routine which will be used during competitions throughout the season (mainly Aug-April).

All teams start with determining athletes competition age as of August 31st 2017.

Competitive Cheer

Tiny: Age 5-6  *Mini: 5-8  * Youth: 6-11 * Junior: 8-14 * Senior: 11-18 years * Open: 14 and older

Prep Cheer

Tiny Prep 5-6 * Mini Prep 5-8 * Youth Prep 6-11 * Junior Prep 8-14 * Senior Prep 11-18

Currently there are 6 levels, which determine the type of difficulty shown in the routine. The levels define stunts, tumbling, pyramids and tosses starting from level 1 and increasing in difficulty, with level 6 being mainly for college athletes.

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