2019-2020_Competitive Packet

All-Star Cheerleading has expanded so much throughout the years due to cheerleading encompassing so many other sports, including; gymnastics, acrobats, dance and power tumbling. Cheerleading teams typically consist of 8-36 athletes on one team, with all team members bringing different attributes and skills, which makes the team successful. This is a season long commitment which encompasses a 2.5 minute routine which will be used during competitions throughout the season (mainly Aug-April).

Currently there are 6 levels, which determine the type of difficulty shown in the routine. The levels define stunts, tumbling, pyramids and tosses starting from level 1 and increasing in difficulty, with level 6 being mainly for college athletes.

All teams start with determining athletes competition age as of August 31st 2019.

Define Yourself is excited to offer both All Star Cheerleading and Recreational Cheerleading at our facility and in various schools in our community.

All Star Age Grid

Tiny: Age 5-6  *Mini: 5-8  * Youth: 6-11 * Junior: 8-14 * Senior: 11-18 years * Open: 14 and older

Prep Cheer Age Grid

Tiny Novice 3-6 * Mini Prep 5-8 * Youth Prep 6-11 * Junior Prep 8-14 * Senior Prep 11-18

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Recreational Cheerleading

 Recreational Cheerleading

FUNdamentals Cheerleading- is a great opportunity for families to get the feel of what Competitive Cheerleading is all about. FUNdamentals teaches a fast paced routine to music incorporating; stunts, jumps, tumbling and dance. Building confidence, cardiovascular training, team work and leadership skill along the way.

At Impact Cheer Elite the big difference between Fundamentals Cheerleading and our other teams is time commitment, financial commitment, and performances. Fundamentals is the same price as a tumbling or dance class, athletes are committed for 12 weeks (plus showcase), and class is only 1 day per week. Your athletes will be included in our tribe as a member of this amazing program while learning and having fun. $60 per month for 1 hour per week, or combine a tumbling class for 2 hours per week at $100 per month.

FUNdamentals Cheerleading 2 –  is a 12 week course focusing on developing a show cheer routine incorporating elements of tumbling, stunting, dance, motions, pyramids, and jumps.

FUNdamentals athletes will receive a performance shirt and have the opportunity to showcase their routine at our Gym Showcase.

Tiny Novice – Our Tiny Novice cheerleading team is designed under USASF guidelines and focuses on building confidence, allowing athletes ages 3-5 the opportunity to explore the sport and excel at their skill level.

This team meets one day per week for 1 hour and will perform at 4-5 events during the 2018-2019 season.

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