Aerial Arts

New session starts Feb 25th!

Currently classes are only available at the San Tan Valley location.

Adult Intro to Aerial Fitness

18 yrs - 96 yrs

Be prepared to have fun, gain strength, and release the child within, all while getting FIT! No, you do NOT need to be able to do a pull up, but you probably will be able to by the end of the session. This class will teach you basic aerial skills and techniques, such as climbs, foot knots, and inversions, all low to the ground (being afraid of heights is NOT an excuse!)  Come try out the aerial silks and lyra (aerial hoop), and have fun spinning, climbing, and swinging your way toward fitness without even realizing you’ve worked up a sweat! Students may choose to continue within this level or work on building prerequisite skills for Silks 1. Be prepared to stay in this class for a couple sessions before moving up though. Absolutely NO prerequisites required. Ages 18-96




Skills Focus:

Skills Taught:

  • Classic climb halfway up and inchworm down (silks)
  • Angel descent (silks)
  • Straddle inversion and gazelle from ground in knot (silks)
  • Foot knots (silks)
  • Straddle mount to sit (hoop)
  • Man in the moon (hoop)
  • And more!

Age: 18+

Six week session starts July 8th, class is Sunday 6:00pm-7:30pm.

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San Tan Valley


6 week session for $80