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We believe that the athletes’ development does not start or continue until they are willing and ready to learn and work hard.

We are so excited that you are looking at join our program. Define Yourself offers amazing Tumbling Programs, Dance Programs, All-Star Cheerleading, Prep Cheerleading, Aerial Arts, Yoga, Private Parties, Clinics and Camps. Our staff is highly trained and extremely enthusiastic. Our curriculums and philosophy are designed to allow a positive fusion of skill development and learning that will develop your athletes body, mind and best of all, their passion for movement. We want to help your athlete grow as an entire person through the amazing gift of movement! We take our job seriously and we want your athlete to have an amazing experience.

Dr. Suess says, “things worth doing don’t seldom come easy”. At Define Yourself we know there is no progress without change. Thats why we adopted the 3 DONT’S: DON’T WHINE, DON’T COMPLAIN, DON’T MAKE EXCUSES – get out there and do it to the best of your ability and have FUN doing it.

Tumbling Academy

At Define Yourself Tumble and Cheer we strive to progress athletes in tumbling by meeting them at their skill level and finding what encourages them to progress. Our athlete to student ratio is 8:1 in an effort to provide safe and personalized training. Our staff works with each athlete individually during class times to get to know them and push them to increase flexibility, strength and skill. Traditionally this fosters a quicker progression in tumbling and cheer skills and can transcend into all avenues where tumbling is required; gymnastics, cheer, dance, karate, parkour etc.

Dance Academy

The Dance Academy program is a unique program designed by dancers and dance educators, some of whom have children of their own.  They understood from many points of view what dancers wanted and needed. The Dance Academy has dedicated itself to developing a well rounded dance program that fosters growth and passion for dance.


Impact Champions Preschool focuses on blending physical activity with academic work for ages 2 years – 5 years old.  Your Preschooler will receive classroom instruction along with athletic instruction. 


The All Star cheerleading industry has expanded so much throughout the years because cheer encompasses so many other sports including gymnastics, acrobats, dance and power tumbling. Cheerleading teams consist usually of 6-36 athletes, working as one team, bringing different attributes and skills to the floor to make each team successful.

At Impact Cheer Elite we are a proud member of the United States All-Star Federation (USASF). USASF was created to help standardize this industry creating various divisions, levels, rules and requirements. Based on guidelines set by USASF teams are broken down in 4 different ways; age, level, number of total athletes and the number of males/females on a team.

Specialty Classes

Classes include Acro Gymnastics, Parkor, Camps, Clinics and Open Gym Times.



Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India. The ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to attain tranquility in the mind and spirit, and making this goal achievable by means of yoga poses and meditation. It has a holistic orientation in that yoga is practiced physically, but its benefits extend to the mental and spiritual being. If you want the answers to what is yoga and what its benefits are, practicing it yourself is the best way to learn.

Join us when you feel ready.


Celebrate your next special event at Define Yourself Tumble and Cheer. We offer parties including instructed tumbling classes, free play, bounce house, slack line and games. Bring your food, presents, cake and friends to have a great time!