Uniform Fees and Sunsplash Fun

Are you looking to trade or buy a used uniform?

We hope the first week of September has treated you all well.

If you missed our social media theme this month its regarding self-discipline. At Define Yourself we believe self-discipline is the ability to control our feelings and overcome weaknesses, this is achievable through hard work and mental toughness.

How do you teach self-discipline at home?

We wanted to update you all on our uniform consignment coming up this Friday September 15th, from 5-7pm. The idea is to allow athletes with uniform needs to be able to sell or purchase a used uniform. For example, if you need a different size uniform maybe someone else can use yours and you can get some money for it. Conversely if you find a uniform you can buy it at a discounted price, rather then the full price. If none of this appeals to you then there is no need to come. **Disclaimer** Define Yourself/Impact Cheer Elite will not facilitate the sale or purchase of any used uniforms except for our current stock, but will recommend the sale price of $150 for a used uniform. i.e. have cash or check on hand to make any transaction. Uniforms are not need for Beach Bums, Cowabunga, or Pipeline

Lastly, we would love to invite everyone to our end of summer send off at Sunsplash/Golfland Saturday, September 30th from noon to whenever. This event is designed to be a fun team building time for the kiddos, we have worked out a deal with Sunsplash/Golfland to get the tickets to both parks at the rate of $32 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here. If you have a pogo pass or season pass come and enjoy the park you do not have to buy our tickets to attend this is just supposed to be a fun time!

Things that are coming up!

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