Uniform and other updates.

Hello Impact Ohana!

Please see the below updates.

  1. Uniform and warm-up fittings need to be finalized by Tuesday September 26th
  2. Sunsplash/Golfland team bonding. 
  3. Suns Tickets are on sale beginning October 1st. Through our website
  4. Check the calendar and mark down dates.
  5. Missing a practice time?
  1. Uniform and warm-up fittings must be completed and finalized by Saturday September 23rd. IF YOU NEED FITTING STILL PLEASE COME TODAY BETWEEN 4-8:30 OR SATURDAY THE 23RD BETWEEN 9-11AM.  All purchase request need to be accounted for. Warm-up fitters are in, if you need new warm-ups then please come in with your athlete to get fitted.  We do not know if you need a warm-up set or individual pieces unless you tell us.  The jacket is $70 and the pants are $30.  Do not remind text us and ask us to fit your athlete please come in to make the fitting so you can verify sizing.
  2. Sunsplash and Golfland tickets are on sale for September 30th team bonding event.  The $32 ticket includes admission to both Sunsplash & Golfland for September 30th.  This event is for all athletes to attend friends and siblings can purchase the discounted ticket through our website also.  Please include the athletes name at check out so we know who to get the tickets to.  If you have a season pass feel free to come and hang out using your season pass. Keep in mind Define Yourself / Impact Cheer Elite staff is not chaperoning this event but will be in attendance to bond with the athletes. Click Here to purchase your tickets.
  3. Suns Tickets – Tickets will go on sale October 1st and will be on sale for one week only.  Please plan appropriately to purchase tickets for November 10th.  Upper Level tickets are $24 per person, lower level tickets are $53 per person. All athlete tickets are upper level tickets.  If you are wanting to sit with your athlete you must order tickets through our website.  Link will be available October first at http://tumbleandcheer.com/what-we-offer/special-classes/
  4. Use the link above to find our calendar online.  Please review the dates and ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.
  5. If you are missing a practice Please update the absence book at the front desk at least a week in advance so we can plan practice appropriately.  If your athlete is sick we do not want them to spread their illness, however remember absences effect the team and it is imperative that they get better faster.

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