Suns Tickets and Halloween Party!

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Just a few updates on this fine fall day, the link to purchase Phoenix Suns vs. Orlando Magic tickets is available by clicking here.  Once directed to the special classes page of our website you will see two pay pal boxes.  One is for the upper level tickets $24 per ticket and one is for the lower level $53 per ticket.

Few things to remember:

  • Pre-game performance, spectators will be able to move down to the lower level to watch the performance.
  • Halftime this is not permitted but also not stopped meaning the Phx Suns will not provide a spot in the lower section because people have bought the tickets but everyone is up and moving and typically you can make you way down to the lower section to view the half time performance.
  • All Athlete tickets are included in spirit fees except for Pipeline, Pipeline please purchase tickets for your athletes also.  
  • At checkout you must put your athletes name in the space provided so we know who the tickets belong to.  Please use first and last name. We will ensure the athletes and families are sitting together as we have sections allocated to just our impact group.
  • Stand by for some off site practices so we can get used to the basketball court these times are still in the works.

We are excited to be hosting our Fa-boo-lous Halloween party at the gym again.  We have it scheduled for October 28th but decided to split the ages this year as it was a bit crazy last year!

8 years of age and under 4:30-6pm

9 years of age and older 6:30-8:30pm

This was a great time for team bonding and family fun last year.  If you are interested in helping with set up or clean up please let us know we would love some parent support when hosting these events.  Please contact Trey via email at




*Elite Team: Individuals and stunt duos You will be competing at Desert Showdown October 28th stand by for more information.






Just a quick reminder the gym is closed between Oct 9th and Oct 15th.  Define Yourself will be doing a cheer clinic in Rocky Point, Mexico on Oct 14th, we are looking for any used bows which are not wanted so we can provide all the attendees with a bow.  Please bring in your unwanted used bows this week so we can take them down to the clinic, we will post pictures of the kids in the bows.


DY Staff!

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