September Updates

Impact Cheer September Updates

Hello Impact Cheer!

Its been a while since we have used this method of communication as we were updating our website. Glad to be back at it! Below you will find some very important information regarding sports bra orders, Phoenix Suns performance updates, and uniform fitting/payment updates.  Please use the remind text or call if you have any questions we will be happy to help answer them!

Its time to order Sports Bras again.  This year we are offering two different styles, option 1 is a multi color sports bra which athletes can wear at practice with the Capri’s (as seen in the photo). The second is a black and pink sports bra the athletes can wear at practice with the shorts (as seen in the photo).  We are posting the sign up sheet at the gym for orders.  These orders are due no later then September 1st no exception, please come into the gym and order these by placing your athletes name on the sign up sheet, and the size in the option 1 or option 2 section.  Then let us know if you are paying with CC or cash/check.  If paying with cash/check payment is due by September 1st or the order will not be made.


Due to an amazing performance last year the Phoenix Suns have requested our teams perform on November 10th, during one of their decade nights.  If you did not know the Suns have been around since 1967 and we are going to kick off their 50 year anniversary with a special 60’s – 70’s themed performance.  The girls will get a themed bow, the boys will be getting an awesome themed shirt in addition to awesome tie die socks for all the performers.  Below is the updated calendar with all the correct dates. Another cool thing about changing to the 10th is its a Friday Night game so you get the entire weekend off for Veterans Day! Click here for PDF calendar

Don’t forget September 15th the uniform fee is due (except pipeline, cowabunga, and beach bums) if you are a new member or you are a returning member wanting a new uniform.  On the 15th we will also be doing a uniform swap, our hope is that anyone wanting to exchange uniforms between each other will be able to do this on the 15th.  Additionally, anyone wanting to buy a discounted uniform can come try on used uniforms available.  Our thought is $100 for the used uniform, paid directly to the seller, who can use that towards a new uniform.  This can include warm up pants if anyone is wanting to trade those out, obviously at a lesser price then $100.

Lastly, we just want to say thank you for all being such positive roll models for all the athletes, keeping a positive and open mindset in our daily activities really helps everyone stay positive! A negative mind will never give you a positive life!


Jenna and Trey