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Uniform and other updates.

Hello Impact Ohana! Please see the below updates. Uniform and warm-up fittings need to be finalized by Tuesday September 26th Sunsplash/Golfland team bonding.¬† Suns Tickets are on sale beginning October 1st. Through our website Check the calendar and mark down dates. Missing a practice time? Uniform and warm-up fittings must be completed and finalized by …

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Uniform Fees and Sunsplash Fun

Are you looking to trade or buy a used uniform?

We hope the first week of September has treated you all well. If you missed our social media theme this month its regarding self-discipline. At Define Yourself we believe self-discipline is the ability to control our feelings and overcome weaknesses, this is achievable through hard work and mental toughness. How do you teach self-discipline at …

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September Updates

Impact Cheer September Updates

Hello Impact Cheer! Its been a while since we have used this method of communication as we were updating our website. Glad to be back at it! Below you will find some very important information regarding sports bra orders, Phoenix Suns performance updates, and uniform fitting/payment updates. ¬†Please use the remind text or call if …

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