June 2018 Impact Tribal Camp

Info for Impact Tribal Camp June 8th-10th, 2018

Camp is This weekend! We are so excited!

If you are carpooling or wanting to caravan we will be meeting at the STV gym at 1:30pm with a departure time of 2:00pm. *it is a 2 hour and 40 minute drive to camp which is located at 

Mile Marker 300 Az Hwy 260, Heber, AZ, 85928

Mandatory arrival time for camp is 5:00pm. Please plan appropriately as we cannot accommodate late arrivals, due to a strict camp schedule. Dinner will be provided for athletes and chaperones Friday night.  

At 5:00pm all athletes will drop off bags/ belongings in the dorm hallway.  Athletes will not be returning back to the dorms until late in the evening. Following bag drops we will all meet in the gymnasium.  Athletes will NOT know their sleeping arrangement until teams are announced, this will take place after dinner Friday night!

We will be having a chaperone meeting upon arrival at camp at approximately 5:00pm; each chaperone will be responsible for up to 9 athletes and will be bunking in the same vicinity as athletes. (all males will have separate bunks from females and will be chaperoned by males).  

Camp will end after Sundays activities and lunch, pick up time for all campers will be 2:00pm in the gymnasium. No athlete is allowed to leave early, to help create a smooth transition home from camp all athletes must return home in the same transportation vehicle they arrived to camp in. 

Please note Camp Shadow Pines and Impact Cheer Elite will not allow parents that are not chaperoning at/in the camp after dark. We do have a meeting with the Camp directors tomorrow in regards to visitors, thus this policy may change.  

*If you are not a chaperone and want to attend our outdoor cheer olympic messy games we are having a meeting with the camp director tomorrow and will be able to give you more information following that meeting. 

Weather in Heber, AZ will be in the high 80s during the day and high 50’s at night. Please plan for cool weather. 

Please bring the following up with you to camp:

Friday Night:

  • After dinner (6:00pm) we will head to the fire pit to start our tribal ceremony for team placements. Athletes need to arrive at camp in athletic shoes (not cheer shoes), with a jacket accessible after they drop their bags at the dorms. 

Saturday Morning: 

  • Practice Clothes: Black Shorts and athletic top with cheer shoes (we will have cheer mats for training)

Saturday Afternoon: 

  • Cheer Olympics! BRING ON THE MESSY GAMES! Be all out in your team color. This will be extremely messy.
    • Old Shoes
    • Appropriate clothing: These clothes will get wet and messy (likely something that can be thrown away)

Saturday evening: 

  • Athletic clothes

Sunday Morning: 

  • Cheer Olympics (water games only, these clothes will be savable 🙂

Please Bring the following: 

  • Cold weather clothes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Messy game flip flops, sandals or shoes
  • Hairties
  • Feminine products
  • Toiletries for Showers 
  • Bath towel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Sleeping bag/pillow or any other BEDDING for bunkbeds 
  • Messy game clothes x2
  • Pajamas
  • Athletic clothes X2 or 3
  • Please Leave cell phones at home or athletes can give them to Jenna and Trey upon arrival. There will be no cell phones allowed (this minimizes the risk of damage and or loss of devices), 
  • If you need to get a hold your athlete during camp you may call Trey or Jenna at any time 
    • Trey: 480.246.2936 
    • Jenna: 480.939.9163. 
    • Or use the remind text. 
    • Please Keep in mind that cell service and internet is limited and date is often non existent at the camp. 

We are working tirelessly to make sure every athlete is safe, comfortable and most importantly making new friends and having FUN! 

Thank you!

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